Bible Views Radio Show for September 27th 2015

Article: It's a Lexus not a Porch

Bible Study:

  • 2 Timothy 2:15 'Study to show thyself approved unto God' no need for anyone else's approval
  • vs. 16 'Shun profane and vain babblings' There is a radio station I was on for years that sold to another 'religious' group that spend 30 minutes at a time doing nothing but 'profane and vain babblings'
  • vs. 22 'Flee youthful lusts'
  • vs 21 'Purge yourself...a vessel unto honor'
  • vs. 19 'Depart from iniquity'
  • vs. 23 'AVOID FOOLISH AND UNLEARNED QUESTIONS' That's why I won't argue or debate the Bible with anyone. Take it or leave it. IT IS THE FINAL WORD OF GOD!
  • 3:14 'Continue...' stay with it. Don't get discouraged and quit.

Gold like dust:

  • Genesis 45:20 'regard not your stuff' There is an infinite supply of stuff, money, air, water, food, oil, cars, houses, etc. God is not broke and doesn't know anything about a recession or a depression or lack or need or anything. Need to quit living like God is broke!
  • Job 22:24 'Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust, and the gold of

Opher as the stones of the brooks.'

  • Have you ever dusted the top of an ebony piano? Before you can dust the bench the top is covered in a fine layer of dust. Have you ever gotten down and then prayed 'God please send more dust'?
  • We have creeks and rivers in Colorado. If you spent 24 hrs. a day every day of your life, you could never take out all the 'stones in the brook'. Do you have to beg God for more rocks?
  • He says we should have that same amount and supply of gold in our lives.
  • God only invests in BANKS HE CAN TRUST!

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