Bible Views Radio Show for October 11th 2015


  • The Story of the song It Is No Secret What God Can Do
  • Do Christian Schools have a right to be Christian?
  • Atheist says God Bless sign ‘like a tarantula on a wedding cake’
  • Did You Know that it is ok to discuss religion at the work place?


Bible Study:

  • Twinki Gospel – Feel good gospel – Entertainers instead of Bible Preachers!
  • No Religion and Denominations in Heaven
  • Get saved then we can discuss the Bible
  • Unlocking The Financial Keys of Scripture Seminar
  • These are the Last Days
  • Fund the Startup of Six New Churches every year for 10 years
  • What about wearing Jewelry?
  • Prodigal Son returned – Dad put a ring on his finger and a chain around his neck
  • Genesis 41:42 “And Pharoah took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph’s hand…a a gold chain about his neck;”
  • Jesus wore designer clothes – His robe was so fine they wouldn’t ‘part it’
  • Genesis3:22, when the Children of Israel left Egypt, they put jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment on their sons and daughters.
  • When these slaves left Egypt, they left rich.
  • Genesis 15:14 ‘and afterward shall they come out with great substance’

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