Bible Views Radio Show for February 21st Why go to Church


  • Why go to Church?
  • Homeschoolers face 23 years in jail for late paperwork in Ohio


Bible Study – More on Tithes and Offerings

  • Leviticus 27:13 is talking about ‘redeeming’ the tithe of animals and land from the Priest and adding 20% to the redemption. Same thing with vs. 31
  • I’ve heard countless Preachers say that is the interest you pay on back tithe. That just isn’t so. If you robbed God in the past, move forward and give tithes and offerings from now on. You don’t owe God 20% interest.
  • The tithe is 10% of the gross and goes to these four groups:
    • The Levite
    • The Orphan
    • The Widows
    • The Poor
  • Numbers 18:24
  • Deuteronomy 26:10-13
  • Nehemiah 10:37
  • Deuteronomy 14:28029
  • Malachi 3:8-10 You are a thief if you don’t pay God the tithe and offering
  • Would Jesus wear a Rolex – He could if He wanted to and they were available. I’m pretty sure He had a Rolex Sun Dial in front of His big house
  • He wore designer clothes – His Robe was so fine they wouldn’t ‘part’ it
  • He had a house big enough to entertain and sleep at least a dozen at a time
  • He paves streets in Heaven with pure gold
  • He served the best wine at weddings
  • He had the best transportation of His day
  • And He had a rich heritage – Ruth 2:1 His Great Grandfather many times removed was ‘a man of wealth’.
  • Luke 2:4 ‘because He was of the house and LINEAGE of David
  • Don’t try to tell me Jesus was poor – ain’t happenin’

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