Bible Views Radio Show for December 6th 2015


  • The World Is Mine
  • California teacher forces students to sing an Islam Fight Song
  • Liberal, Democrat, Atheist, female forces University Hotel to remove Bibles


Bible Study:

  • James 1:27 – Christians mandated to take care of
    • The Preacher
    • Widows
    • Fatherless
    • Poor
  • Isn’t it amazing that the ONE who owns it all says Pure Religion boils down to MONEY?
  • Better get ourselves a Pure Religion Committee to go along with the Finance Committee, Building Committee, Pulpit Committee. A camel is a horse put together by a Church Committee, which by the way, you don’t find in Scripture (horse yes, committee no)
  • God’s Work – right now the IRS owns your Church. Need to get out of debt so you don’t have to worry about a 501 c3 or non profit status. If your church has that, you are owned and operated by the IRS
  • Everything being taught to Preacher boys in Cemeteries (Seminaries) is how to build bond programs, deal with banks, borrow money, accounting, build a library, manage a multi million dollar business but NOTHING on Biblical economics.
  • Money is power and the Churches don’t have either one if they are a ‘servant to the lender’. Ecclesiastes says ‘no one listens to a poor man’.
  • Buildings, offerings, tithe
  • Look at how Moses built the Tabernacle and Solomon built the Temple if you want to see how to build and finance the Church.

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