Bible Views Radio Show for August 2nd, 2015

Bible Study:

Romans 8:28 ‘For we know that ALL things work together for good (on two conditions – don’t over look the conditions0

‘For those who love God’

oPassion to be with Him

oPassion to give to Him

oPassion to praise Him

‘who are the called according to HIS PURPOSE’

oMake sure your life is not consumed with YOUR PURPOSE OR ANYONE ELSE’s!

Wealth Accumulation:

Genesis 13:26 ‘And Abram was VERY RICH in cattle, in silver, and in gold. For their substance was great’

So great was the wealth and substance of Abram and Lot, the land wouldn’t hold them. They had too much ‘cattle, silver, and gold’.

The reason people are in debt and your church members can’t give a decent offering is because they have not accumulated any wealth to give OUT OF THE ABUNDANCE.’

Genesis 30:43 because of Jacob’s Financial Plan for selective breeding of his cattle – ‘and the man increased exceedingly’.

These ‘rich men’ were God’s people. We’re not talking drug lords and mafia and casino operators here, we are talking about GOD’S PEOPLE being VERY rich!

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