Ron Caskey Radio Show for May 24th 2015

Elvis singing ‘One Pair of Hands’

Ron Caskey singing ‘Rock of Ages’ 4 part harmony A cappella (not Elvis).

I Timothy 1:12 Paul said to Timothy ‘I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that He counted me faithful (not worthy – faithful), putting me into the ministry’. I, like Paul, thank God for putting me in the ministry.

Then Paul tells what he was like before Jesus saved him: blasphemer, a persecutor, injurious, ‘but I obtained mercy’. If it weren’t for His mercy we would all be deserving of Hell!

Vs. 14 ‘and the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant…’

Vs. 15 ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.’

Vs. 16 ‘unto EVERLASTING LIFE…’ You may not believe in ‘once saved, always saved’ but there sure are a lot of EVERLASTINGS in the Bible! Jesus cried on the cross ‘IT IS FINISHED’. He doesn’t do anything part way. Then, He ascended into Heaven and ‘SAT DOWN’. Why’d He sit down? Because he died once and sat down because His work was done. Period!

Vs. 17 ‘Now unto the King ETERNAL…be honor and glory for ever and ever AMEN.’

Vs. 18 ‘war a good warfare’. We are in a battle and it isn’t for WEENIES!

Vs. 20 Paul delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander unto Satan ‘that they may learn not to blaspheme’. That’s powerful. I would rather be on God’s side.

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