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This Financial Checklist for Retirement, will help you find a number of items & issues you may want to consider when creating your financial strategy for the days ahead!

Fill out the form below and get your no-cost, no-obligation copy of the Financial Checklist for Retirement! Here are 8 issues you may not have thought of.

For instance:

Have you completed accurate records of the financial tools you have been using for the last several decades?

Do you know what your net worth is?

Do you know what to include in your networth?

What financial vehicles are you utilizing on a regular basis.

For many years, Financial Professionals have recommended that you take 4% a year out of your retirement and then they make a genius statement - "that way your retirement will last you at least 25 years". Really? That's genius! The problem is that formula no longer works. Do you know what they are recommending today? For how many years?

Most Financial Planners will tell you that the day you retire, you will need to cut back your lifestyle to at least 75% of what you are used to. How do you feel about that?

Have you thought about what kind of lifestyle you want in retirement? Do you know there is a way not to have to take a reduction in pay or reduce your lifestyle? In fact, there is a way you can get pay increases every year the market goes up or inflation increases. You can index your income to a market just like you can in the accumulation phase of building up your retirement.

Do you know what your pension plan will pay you in retirement? Will it pay your spouse after you are gone? What is your 'vested' period to be fully vested if you pull out of your pension plan?

Do you have life insurance? What kind? Whole life? Term? (how long is the term) Long term care? What is the elimination period? What is the daily benefit? What about home care? Universal Life? Is it indexed? Does it have a Long Term Care Rider on the back end? Does your Long Term Care policy have inflation built in? What about your beneficiary statement on all of your life insurance products including annuities?

Are you aware of how much Health Care is going to cost you and your spouse in retirement? Do you know the 15 changes under Obama Care taking effect in 2014? Do you know that Health Care costs is now the number one concern to Retirees? It used to be outliving your money. Upcoming health care costs my bring that 'outliving your money' into focus.

What income sources are you going to have to draw on in retirement? Will all of that income continue for your spouse when you are gone?

Order this Checklist For Retirement and then give me a call so we can refine and redefine your Retirement experience today.

  • Increase the control you have over your retirement savings
  • Take advantage of valuable tax-saving strategies for your nest egg
  • Avoid distribution issues that could cost you or your beneficiaries

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