United States Awaits North Korean Nuclear Test

Author: Staff
April 14th, 2017 09:47 AM

The United States and South Korea are waiting in suspense as North Korea threatens another nuclear test on Saturday the 15th. The 15th is the 105-year anniversary of North Korea's founder, Kim Il-sung.

North Korea is throwing around all kinds of threats, one being to launch everything it has at South Korea if the United States were to attack. Right now, the United States has a huge Navy strike group off the coast of the Korean Peninsula ready to do whatever is necessary to protect the region.

Kim Jong Un is a loose cannon in control of the 4th largest military in the World. They might be years behind in technology, but they are still a military power. If North Korea decided to strike South Korea, Tokyo, or even the United States assets at home or abroad, the casualties could be massive. A North Korean nuclear strike and Untied States response would kill hundreds of thousands of people within the first few minutes. A non-nuclear war with North Korea would still result in tens of thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths.

A war with North Korea is a scary situation. A nuclear regime with nothing to lose, and 33-year-old spoiled kid with his finger on the button.

Here is a Fox News report we found this morning that covers the situation well.



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