Annuities and Your Retirement. For Questions Call Dr. Ron Caskey 303-710-3791

For Questions Call Dr. Ron Caskey 303-710-3791

Reading all the Business 'Intelligence' reports every day and reading all the Financial News in print, one thing jumps out in ALL cases,

THEY say 'Annuities are confusing'. 'Annuities aren't for everybody'. 'Annuities are bad'. 'Annuities are good'.

And on and on it goes ad nauseum. Here's what I know. It ALL depends on who you talk to and what side of the Risk vs. Safe table they are on and where do their 'FEES' come from.

If YOU want to protect and preserve your hard earned money that you are counting on for retirement and LIFETIME INCOME for you and your spouse and maybe have some left for your beneficiaries, you need to come face to face with an INCOME SPECIALIST and someone who can show you how to protect and preserve your retirement. That would be Dr. Ron Caskey.

The ONLY place you can put your money where it is safe and there when you need it, either in an emergency or for retirement is in Life Insurance Company Products like FIXED Indexed Annuities and Life Insurance.

Understand ALWAYS that the guarantees offered are dependent on the Insurance Company's financial strength and their ability to pay long term.

The people I am talking to on a daily basis are more interested in Preservation of their money than they are the potential for higher earnings. What if someone could show you how you could have some earnings and have protection at the same time? What if I could show you how you can know what your income is going to look like in retirement if you don't put it at risk in the stock market and mutual funds? Annuities, by the way, grow TAX DEFERRED NOT TAX FREE.

My name is Dr. Ron Caskey, PhD, ThD. My Doctor's degrees are in Education and Theology. None of my degrees are in economics so I am not a Parrot of some Business School that teaches the only way to Retirement is through the Stock Market. I believe you have other choices and that is why I am here, to show you more choices on the Safe Side of the Financial World. Indexed Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Single Premium Immediate Annuities, Multi Year Guarantee Annuities, and Income Annuities are all choices you can choose from on the Safe Side of the Financial Table. Everyone of those are different, have different time lines, serve a different purpose and can be geared to each individual depending on your situation, your needs, and your time line.

The only way to make sense of all your choices and options in the Safe Money Arena takes an experienced Income Planning Expert in the field of Annuities of all shapes and sizes from multiple Carriers. That's where I come in.

My job, my mission in life, my purpose, my goal, my love is to be able to help you sort through the labyrinth of information, products, situations, strategies, Carriers, and choices to help you make an informed decision that is right for you and your Spouse and your beneficiaries.

Let me help you today so you don't make serious financial mistakes for your financial future. Also, let me explain to you the risks and penalties for early withdrawal and not playing by the rules.

For Questions Call Dr. Ron Caskey 303-710-3791

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